Radio Broadcasting


Radio Broadcasting provides an interactive way for students to learn more about modern radio production. Students are first introduced to the Radio Broadcasting major as a sophomore during one of four nine-week rotation classes. They will learn the basic skills needed by completing many hands-on activities using actual broadcast equipment inside our AM 1450 KBPS radio station located on campus. They will also learn about the history of modern radio, learn about the different programs and formats, learn how to read and write news and other commercials, and practice many different announcing skills.


During their junior year, students will increase their knowledge in the radio broadcasting field by learning more, in-depth about modern radio production. Here, they will learn different ways to improve their communication skills by working on improving their speaking voice, practicing radio announcing for different jobs, and participating in actual on-air shifts on AM 1450 KBPS. Students will also learn how to operate the different broadcasting equipment by working on many productions related assignments and working on digital production. Finally, students will learn more about today's modern radio and how it works by learning about ratings and research, the different government regulations, and find out ways to edit wire copy used in many of today's radio station.

Finally, during their senior year, students will learn how to use all of the different skills that have previously learned as they prepare for their future outside of high school. During their senior year, students will once again improve their knowledge and skills in the communications field by learning more about ratings and research, more government regulations, and how sales works in modern radio broadcasting. They will also work more on improving their writing and speaking skills by completing many public and informative communication projects. What students will learn during the Radio Broadcasting class will all the more help them in pursuing a career in modern Radio Broadcasting.