Digital Media Production


The Digital Media Production pathway allows incoming freshman to find a way to express their ideas fully through technology outlets. Not only do they learn how to communicate through technology but they also learn technical skills that will be helpful for them if they choose any career in the communications field. The pathway is divided into three parts: Video, Photography and Web Design, every student is exposed to these mediums of expression throughout their time in the major so that when they are ready to graduate the student's mind is set on a specific path for their future.

The Digital Media Production major is made up of three computer labs, 2 of them are equipped with Mac desktops and one made up of PCs. All of the computers are filled with the latest software that students may need to learn the latest in each field. There are also three photography studios located throughout the rooms and lighting equipment available for the students to use while using each of the studios.

During the Freshman and Sophomore year rotations students learn the rudimentary skills that are associated with the major. They will learn how to use Photoshop, Dreamweaver and InDesign and learn how to use them to make websites, book covers and other cool stuff using computer design equipment. Instructed by tutorials by the teachers the students will easily learn how to use new programs that will be extremely helpful in their Junior and Senior

Junior and Senior year students go more in depth into all of the paths, they will begin to use more professional equipments. In Video design they will use Canon XF100 cameras to shoot different types of video and learn different techniques. In Photography class they will use Canon 7D cameras to learn various elements of photographic design. They will also have a chance to build online web portfolios using web design so they can showcase their work.